Prestige Food & drink Rentals

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The Best Food & Drink Rentals in New York & New Jersey

Doughnut Wall


Exactly what you’re thinking: a wall of donuts, bagels or pretzels!

Customized sign on the bottom and choice of color on donuts.

  • Requires: 5′ x 5′ Area

Candy Shop/Station


If you want your guest to feel like they are in a Candy Store, nothing can be closer at your very own party. Our package includes shelving, displays, 20 candies, personalized sign & décor. Custom bags are given to kids to shop on their way out the door!

  • Requires: 10′ x 15′ Area
  •  20 Amp Circuit

Candy Sushi


Sushi: amazing and basically perfect, we know. Is there really any room for improvement here? Indeed there is. You take all that seasoned rice, dried seaweed, fish, and vegetables, reinterpret them with candy, and boom, you get candy sushi! Our station comes with sushi, decor & 2 attendants.

  • Requires: 10′ x 8′ Area
  • 20 Amp Circuit
  • (2) 6′ Tables

Brand Name Food Kiosks


Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, White Castle, just to name a few. We can bring any food vendor to your event, and serve your favorite selection from a fully customized kiosk.

  • Requires: 4′ x 6′ Area
  • Some require 20 Amp Circuit

Ice Cream Truck/Stand


Ask about having a old fashion Good Humor truck at your next event. Novelty bars or hard and soft serve option available as well.

  • Requires:10′ x 10′ Area
  • 20 Amp Circuit

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream


Displayed in a new age bar with LED lighting, our attendants create ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen! Unlike traditional ice cream where it takes hours upon hours to freeze, our liquid nitrogen process freezes our ice cream batter instantly. This process minimizes the formation of water molecules, which in turn creates a richer tasting ice cream. Not only does Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream provide your guests with a delicious treat, it also is a visual crowd-pleaser.

  • Requires:10′ x 10′ Area
  • 20 Amp Circuit

Dippin' Dots Cart


Dippin’ Dots is a unique form of Ice Cream that is formed into tiny beads offered in 1/4 oz. Cups with choices of Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, and other flavors.We bring the Dippin’ Dots cart to your next corporate event, picnic or party for the perfect, unique summer snack.

  • Requires: 4′ x 6′ Area
  •  20 Amp Circuit

Brick Oven Pizza


Fine Italian Pizza made Hot and piping out of the oven. Its just like bringing your local Pizza restaurant to the party.

Includes: Pizza Spinners, Attendants, Plates, Cups, and Condiments

News Stand


Our Authentic NYC-Style News Stand can be customized with candy, papers, magazines and more. Perfect for graduation parties, corporate events and large themed gatherings.

Final Connect 4 Basketball

Final Connect 4 Basketball